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Jun 22, 2023WYOS GenCreate

TikTok collaborations can be harrowing for even the gutsiest startups. WYOS, a personal-care company that launched in February, thought it would be a good idea to share its new moisturizer, which comes in stick form, with TikTok influencers to see what they made of it.

The company discovered creators were planning to upload videos that featured them popping the moisturizer into the freezer to show audiences how it could be used as a face-massaging tool.  


WYOS co-founder Wendy Charland said the moisturizer isn’t designed to withstand freezing temperatures, and could burn the skin if applied afterward. WYOS scrapped the influencers’ videos, though it is consulting with its lab about creating a freezer-friendly formula while also weighing how such changes would undermine a year’s worth of product development.

“We want to be careful about what we tweak,” Charland said. “You have to know what’s a fleeting trend and what’s a trend that lasts.”


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