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February's Skin-Care Launches Are Here to Give Your Skin Some Extra Love

Make your everyday routine even more pampering with a luxurious serum, brightening eye cream, and an ultra-hydrating face mask.


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February is upon us, and it's a month that's all about love. So it only makes sense to indulge in a little self-care. Of course, there are myriad ways to do that, but might we recommend taking up the soft-girl aesthetic? With February's new launches, you can go easy on yourself and your skin: These products calm, soothe, and refresh. 

To keep your skin looking radiant and feeling hydrated this winter, there's a brightening eye gel from Byoma and a deeply nourishing balm from Avène. And because we all know the most important step in a skin-care routine is always sunscreen (no matter the weather forecast or time of year), we've included an innovative new SPF stick from Coola

Keeping in mind that healthy skin is the foundation for gorgeous makeup, we selected new favorites that also help in that department. Joining Benefit's lineup of pore-smoothing primers is an entire collection of skin care dedicated to achieving a "poreless" look (pores can't actually shrink, but you can de-gunk them, which makes them appear smaller). 

And to round things out, we say hello to a couple of new brands that are making their way into our medicine cabinets, including Gen Z-centric WYOS, which stands for Write Your Own Story, and Current State, a line of products that encourages you to ask yourself, “What does my skin need now?”

WYOS The Big Reveal Purifying Face Mask 

Inspired by the way that Gen Z wears a bazillion hats (you know, the barista who's in school for marine biology who's also a content creator and just happens to be the captain of the local pickleball team?), WYOS is all about writing your own story (hence, its name). These travel-friendly sticks are ready to go along on your journey, whether that's to your bathroom or around the globe. Our favorite feature is the mess-free application of The Big Reveal Purifying Face Mask, which makes masking 100 percent relaxing with zero cleanup. 

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